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Virtual Neighborhood Watch

Click 1), 2) or 3) below and, if prompted, log in using the information printed in red:

1) Controllable Webcam – This is an HTML/Javascript demo system I put together myself. It gives you a visual guide to features you’ll see through the cameras, a slideshow of recent images, and live cameras which you can pan and tilt in different directions. I can easily add more cameras, for any of our neighbors who wish to participate.

2) Zoneminder – (offline for development) This is a software DVR running on my Linux server. It’s written by a real pro. It has more powerful features, but is more difficult to get started with. It records video whenever it detects movement, and can send text or email alerts. You can search along a timeline and replay video events. You can also pan and tilt the camera angle. I can add hundreds of neighborhood cameras, and this system has the ability to record video off-site, so neighbors can share a big video library.

Username: guest
Password: watcher

3) Zmodo DVR – (offline for development) This gives remote access to my new external security DVR. You need to use Internet Explorer, enable Java, install an activex plug-in and adjust your browser security to make it work. This also records when it detects movement, can send alerts, and lets you search and playback video. The cameras connected to it do not pan or tilt, but the system is upgradeable to ones which do.

Username: guest
Password: 2659

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