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Torchy’s Tacos Burglarized

Pic: Joey Rangel Ramirez

Officers responding to a burglar alarm observed broken glass, movement inside, and then saw a man run from the scene and jump over a fence. Shortly afterward, APD apprehended Joey Rangel Ramirez, 32, who had been released from prison only days before – serving time for a burglary charge.

Update: As initially reported, the suspect was seen in the “office area” and the Torchy’s address wasn’t specified. Further news clarifies that the break-in was actually at Torchy’s trailer location, 1311 S. 1st St, and not the larger restaurant & office at 2809 S. 1st & El Paso.

Ramirez was cut and bleeding, and wearing a torn shirt which matched material caught on the fence. He also matched the suspect clearly seen on Torchy’s security video. Ramirez denied burglarizing the restaurant, saying he ran because he simply wanted to avoid the police.

Charges filed against Ramirez on July 14 were later dropped due to “insufficient arrest affidavit”, but new charges were filed on Friday, July 29. He was not in custody as of Friday afternoon.

We hope APD have the situation straightened out in due time, and the burglar is brought to justice. Torchy’s mascot Hot Stuff had no comment, but we think it’s pretty clear that one should never cross a little devil, even if he is wearing a diaper!

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