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2015 National Good Neighbor Day

The fourth Sunday in September each year is National Good Neighbor Day!

Let’s all spend a few minutes thinking about our good neighbors, and how we can express our thanks to them for what they’ve done to make our neighborhood a great place to live!

Please use the comments below to thank them publicly and tell us a little about the story that makes them great!

BTW, the third Sunday in September was National Neighborhood Day!

Now, we don’t have to wait a year to celebrate Dawson Neighborhood again. Who wants to organize a Neighborhood-wide Block Party?!?! Yeah? Contact us to volunteer or contribute some ideas, and we can make this happen!

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Women’s Writing and Artistic Workshops

Spotlight on people:
Elizabeth Decker, Life Coach

We all have an an interesting life story in Dawson, and Elizabeth’s story is about helping people write their own!

Elizabeth is one of those people who sees the best in everything, and her positive attitude is infectious. Her passion, and mission, is to guide folks to help them recreate the story of their lives, moving beyond the obstacles holding them back.

She chose to make her new home in the South end of Dawson in 2013, which is now known as “ED’s” or “Ocean House”. Her son proposed the name because the hillside and fence alter the sound of traffic on Ben White to make it sound like ocean waves. Her porches and sun rooms give the place a holiday house feel, too.

Elizabeth meets with individuals and groups to lead her workshop on self-exploration through writing and art. Unlike a passive lecture, attendees use journals, drawing, or craft materials to create physical expressions of themselves. Her series of women’s groups have brought a great deal of joy.

Click More for a personal message from Elizabeth, and opportunities this week to join her workshops: (more…)

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City Countil Meeting on STR Regs TOMORROW

UPDATE added to end of article 9/23

New STR Regulations Being Decided

A new special called meeting of the City Council has been scheduled for 9:00 AM on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. The Council will discuss and take action on the following short term rental (STR) amendments:

  1. Set the occupancy limit for STRs as the lesser of:

a. six adults;

b. four adults in the area defined in City Code Section 25-2-511(C) and (D); or

c. not more than two adults per bedroom;

  1. Initiate a phased-in process to limit Type 2 STRs to commercially zoned areas and require Conditional Use Permits for continued operation of Type 2 STRs in single family zoning.
  2. Repeal provision that allows 25% of multifamily units in commercially zoned areas to be removed from rental market as Type 3 STRs, and cap at no more than 3%.
  3. Clarify that Type 2 STRs and non-owner occupied Type 3 STRs are subject to federal ADA requirements as commercial places of lodging.
  4. For any STR application or license renewal, require both owner and property manager to certify that they have no outstanding code or APD violations within the last two years.
  5. Require STR advertising and listing companies to collect and remit hotel taxes from rental listings.

This past Thursday, September 17, 2015, the Council directed the City Manager to initiate the following STR code amendments:

  1. Add STRs to Section 1301 in City Code Section 25-12-213 (Local Amendments to the International Property Maintenance Code) inspection requirements in Chapter 13 of the Local Amendments;
  2. Require inspection, including septic systems, under certain circumstances, during the application or approval process for all STRs;
  3. Prohibit new Type 2 STRs within 1000 feet of existing licensed Type 2 STRs. The prohibition should include a grandfathering clause for existing Type 2 STRs that comply with City Code;
  4. Enforce occupancy limits for STRs through the administrative hearing process:
  5. Implement a one-year suspension on all new Type 2 STR licenses.
  6. Prohibit use of STRs for gatherings, such as weddings, bachelor parties, etc.

The Council voted against a requirement that STRs have commercial liability insurance coverage.

-Pete Gilcrease, Chairman: Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN)

Post-meeting UPDATE: (more…)

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Bernie Man 2015 Videos

From the final night of Dawson Neighborhood’s Bernie Sanders campaign celebration! Sorry my phone wasn’t up to the task of recording this well. Check out ToO’s Facebook page for even better video of this event!

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