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Neighborhood Newsletter Aug 2016

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This is literally the tract sheet put out by the legacy Dawson Neighborhood Association (DNA) 6x or less a year. It is the only published record of the activities and decisions they and the Dawson Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (DNPCT) made SEVEN to EIGHT WEEKS AGO. On the front side you will find the sparse Draft Agenda, and on the reverse side, you will find the heavily-abridged Draft Minutes. There are no alternate sources for this information, other than attending meetings and taking your own notes.

It will be delivered door-to-door later, probably the day before the upcoming meeting. If you think about the problems with this timing, you’re probably not cool with it either.

We’ve been working hard to cast sunlight into this reluctant and exclusive pair of organizations, so we reproduce the newsletter to those who have little hope of receiving a copy directly. Check out previous month’s newsletter posts for more points and unresolved issues regarding the DNA Newsletter, and how they’ve fought to prevent improvements requested by our neighbors.

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