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Neighborhood Elections 2014

On Monday, December 8th, 2014 the Dawson Neighborhood Association (founded in 1994) held the 20th annual Officer Elections. The full list of our elected Officers was just released a few hours ago, and it is my honor to post them on now:

First and foremost: CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! Virtually all of them already have years of previous experience as our liaisons to the City Council. We are surely in firm hands, and thank them enormously for their dedication and perseverance.

DNA Officers (1-year terms, 2015)

President Myron Smith* Realtor emailphone
Vice-President Steve Gee** Tavern Owner emailphone
Secretary Sandy McMillan* Visual Artist emailphone
Newsletter Editor Sandy McMillan** Visual Artist emailphone

*Re-Elected 12/2014-12/2015, **Newly Elected 12/2014-12/2015

Also held, was the 11th Annual Elections for Dawson Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (founded in 2003)

DNPCT Boardmembers (2-year terms)

2015 Chair Peter Davis City Manager emailphone
2015 Vice-Chair Martin Harris emailphone
2015 Secretary Julia A. Kimber emailphone
Boardmember Donna Knapp emailphone
Boardmember Myron Smith Realtor emailphone
Boardmember Marisa Fushille Russian Teacher emailphone
Boardmember Steve Gee Tavern Owner emailphone
Boardmember Chad Cosper* Information Tech emailphone
Boardmember Sostenes Palomo Flooring Vendor emailphone

Newly Elected 12/2014-12/2016: S. Palomo, Re-Elected 12/2014-12/2016: S. Gee, M. Fushille, C. Cosper, Continuing Terms 12/2013-12/2015: P. Davis, M. Harris, J. Woods, D. Knapp, M. Smith.

Per By-Laws, Boardmember’s terms begin immediately after elections. On Feb 9, 2015, DNPCT’s Boardmembers held an election to elect Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary for the new year. 2014’s Chair was J. Woods and Vice Chair was P. Davis.

Congratulations to all Officers-elect. All candidates ran unopposed this year.

* Chad Cosper’s nomination was overlooked in October 2014, and he has been formally adopted as Boardmember at the February 9, 2015 Meeting.

UPDATED: to reflect DNPCT Officers elected Feb 9, 2015.

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