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Neighborhood Ass’n Meetings Feb 9, 2015

From Chad Vanderlinden, the admin of our neighborhood discussion group and mailing list:

“Nextdoor’s Events Calendar is in a new format now, which is less visible and still doesn’t include reminders:… 

RSVP on Nextdoor is not necessary, but please do so to encourage others to join us! The Ass’n is a separate organization. 

DNA, followed by DNPCT, meets 6x each year. There are no dues and any qualified neighbor may vote at any DNA meeting they attend, and at the 2nd DNPCT meeting they attend. More information about both groups here:… 

Dawson Neighborhood’s approximately 3000 residents are legally bound to the decisions made by these groups! Unfortunately, attendance is often less than a dozen members. It’s so important that we attend every other month to make our voice be heard! October’s vote about parking permits hinged on only 15 voters. 

IMPORTANT: This upcoming meeting will almost certainly** include a vote about whether to ban all parking on non-paved surfaces. We have firmly voted against this for about 10 years. My thoughts about it are the same as last year:… 

In summary, I think requiring neighbors to have their non-compliant driveways paved, and to register them with the City is: 1) the sort of knee-jerk thing a Homeowner’s Association craves, and is not very “Dawsonly”, 2) useful only as a weapon for one neighbor to get back at another neighbor for unrelated issues – as is the unambiguous stated intention of one of the ban’s most outspoken supporters, 3) A component of the City’s effort to update our property descriptions, and therefore increase our property taxes, 4) being re-presented to the neighborhood each and every year for the last decade by the neighborhood Ass’n, not because the City requires them to, but because they want to get it passed. I say this because it seems to be the only one of THOUSANDS of ordinances we could opt-into which the City does not seem to “require” us to revisit annually. 5) A great thing if you run a profitable paving $ervice… does the City Council have any in particular to recommend? 

My prediction is that the coming meeting with have several guest speakers, cover a lot of trivial material, and generally meander along casually UNTIL the time comes to vote on this parking ban issue. As happened last year, the Officers will then announce that we are pressed for time, and discussion will be limited. Tension will instantly build. But time will be made for a past officer to speak for 10 mins to describe how the ban is no big deal, and dismiss a list of concerns about it. After a short open discussion period, the vote will take place. The meeting will then return to a casual, unhurried pace for the remainder of the hour. 

Per By-Laws, at this meeting, DNPCT Boardmembers should be conducting a public election of DNPCT Officers, now that there are new Boardmembers elected at the Dec 8 Meeting. Unfortunately, I understand that they intended to disregard the By-Laws and hold this election at a secret meeting sometime before then. The DNPCT By-Laws specifically state that all meetings are to be public, and that these elections are to be at this particular DNA/DNPCT meeting. We need to correct this! 

**I say this because the Agenda is not available to any neighbors at this time. DNA/DNPCT currently choose to distribute the Agendas only in the neighborhood newsletter, in highly abbreviated form. They also choose to distribute this newsletter the day before meetings themselves – This gives us only 24 hours advance notice of issues which we may wish to get involved in!!!!!!! I feel that at least a week’s notice is more reasonable. I also feel that the deadline to “submitting articles” should be clearly made by the Newsletter Editor (who is also the Secretary this year) so that we don’t miss it. These shortcomings have a negative impact on keeping the neighborhood informed, and improving opportunity for us to get involved and have our voice heard! 

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