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Dawson Neighborhood

Major Development In Dawson’s SOCO

Yellow: 116 Dunlap. Red: 3842 Congress. Blue: 3822 Congress. Green: 3820 Congress & 103 Krebs. Light Blue: 3801 Wadford. Click the image for larger size:

A local businessman has informed us that billionaire Rick DuPont recently purchased the NAPA Parts property at 3820 South Congress Avenue, as well as the Renaissance Recordings studio behind it at 103 Krebs Lane. The same source tells us that talks are going very well to acquire Murphy’s Garage, 3801 Wadford and that Jeep Masters, 3822 South Congress Avenue are all-but certain to sell too. They’ve been actively looking for a new location.

A bid was also made for 3842 South Congress Avenue, previously a used car lot across from El Borego De Oro, but the owners declined. However, local residents at 116 Dunlap, behind this property, say they received notice to vacate in mid-January. The tenants offered an unconfirmed rumor that the property owners, William and Yen Ng, plan to demolish and rebuild there; possibly for a restaurant or coffee venue. The Ngs also own 3842 Congress and three other properties on the same block. They once personally ran the El Borrego De Oro site as an Asian restaurant, and lived at 117 Dunlap. It is also possible they have reconsidered selling to DuPont, and are evicting in preparation of that.

Considering the stately SOCO Lofts just across the street, the assumption is that a similar condominium building will be erected. This will be welcome to some, and really top off the SW tip of Dawson neighborhood with easily-accessible homes, restaurants and entertainment all within steps of each other. We’re also proud to have a P. Terry’s Hamburger Stand just around the corner.


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