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Dawson Neighborhood

Grey Fox And Two Kits on Wadford

Click the pic for photo gallery.

July 11, 2016

Dawson Neighborhood may be sandwiched between 4 major streets, but it has a long creek, pond and a lot of green space to spare. This provides for a lot of wildlife like hawks, opossum, raccoons, and more.

This week, we’ve seen our gray fox momma bringing her kits out for sun and fun every afternoon. They’re out at night too, with their shining eyes reflecting light in the dark. We sometimes see a second adult, but he wasn’t around today.

Click the picture to see a gallery of the momma and one of the two kits (the other was out of sight behind the compost pile) scampering around just feet away from our door!

Please share this link to a Google Photos gallery with more pics, the fox lurking beside the compost pile, catching a rat, running along branches in our live oak tree and onto our roof, and the momma and her 2 kits trigger our motion light out back.

December Update: We first saw the two adults running together in early spring 2016. They would come out as early at 4:00 PM, and were up as late as 4:00 AM (per our security system) The male left at some point, and they were not to be seen for a few weeks. One adult, probably the mother, was then seen for a number of days, and then she brought her pups out. The pups feasted on snails and rats until they were almost as big as momma. They were seen running as a pair together without her sometimes.

Toward the end of summer, we stopped seeing the pups, and the momma was around a lot less. After the first cold snap in November, the momma vanished for over a week. Since then, A fox has been seen about twice a week, we don’t know which one, but our impression is that it is just passing through. We know of 2-3 places the foxes had been bedding down before, but those places are undisturbed now.

Keep Your Pets Indoors At Night!

There’s been a lot of sightings of “coyotes” lately, and cats are going missing. Nature favors the survival of the fittest, and our pampered pussycats (and small dogs) aren’t prepared to face the test. Bring them indoors before dusk, and if you have pet doors, bolt or block them off from inside. Wildlife can get indoors through them, as you know.

Wild animals thrive in the ‘hood because they’re finding plenty of food. They DO NOT need our help, so don’t leave pet food outside where they can get at it, and especially don’t deliberately feed them! They can easily become dependent on handouts, and they will be vulnerable to starvation if they get cut off. They will have lost the hunting skills they need to survive on their own!

Click here for the hawk gallery. Another wonderful wildlife sighting right in our backyard!

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