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Dawson Neighborhood

Free Email – Web Address – Banner Ad

Residents, entrepreneurs and local businesses of Dawson Neighborhood may apply for a free business listing, 220×250 banner ad, email address and web address! These look like the following:

  • “”
  • “”

You can choose a nickname, family name, business name, or anything you like. You can also use our webmail interface once your email account is set-up. It’s like a simple Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. We do encourage donations through PayPal. The button’s down a little further on the right side of the page. –>

Cut and paste the form below into an email, or into the comment box at the bottom of this page to apply. Items in RED are required. All of your information will be kept confidential:

  1. My real first and last name is:
  2. My company name is (if applicable):
  3. My street address is:
  4. My phone number is:
  5. My private email address is:
  6. My existing web page is at this address:
  7. I would like this web address:
  8. I would like this email address:
  9. My 220×250 banner ad is located at this web address:
  10. [ ] I want to subscribe to posts by email
  11. [ ] I don’t have a web page of my own, please set up free hosting for me.
  12. [ ] I am an adult, or I am a minor who has my parent’s permission to apply.
  13. [ ] I will not use this email as a throw-away address for SPAM

If you are pasting the form into the comments box below, your information will not appear for others to see. Only the Administrator will see it.

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