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Durwood Senior Center April 2016

April 2016

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The Durwood Senior Center program is also known as the “SO60+ Social Group”. It is in the South Austin Neighborhood Center behind Gillis Park, 2508 Durwood Street. Click HERE for a Google Map.

Regular Events:

  • Mon-Fri 11:45 Free Lunch is served!
  • Mon-Fri 9:30 Daily Walk ‘n Talk around Gillis Park

Special Events This Month:

  • Monday, April 4th: HAS-Austin Energy
  • Tuesday, April 19th: So60+ Botique
  • Thursday, April 21st: Walgreens Health & Wellness
  • Friday, April 22nd: Spring Fling Party
  • Tuesday, April 26th: HAS-Mature Driving

Closures This Month:

  • None!


  • Anyone 60 and over can take part in the activities and free lunch. Reservations are not necessary, but the first day you attend, we have you fill out a form to register with us. The Manager will ensure that everyone gets a meal!


  • 512-972-6891

Keep America Beautiful

April is a month with a lot of focus on making the world a better place. There’s Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Keep America Beautiful Month. Keep America Beautiful is a U.S. based nonprofit organization founded in 1953. It is the largest community improvement organization in the United States, with approximately 589 affiliate Organizations and local chapters and more than 1,000 community organizations that participate in programs.

Keep America Beautiful focuses on three key issues: litter prevention, waste reduction/recycling and community greening & beautification. This is accomplished through a combination of community organizing, public education and the fostering of public/private partnerships.

In 1975, Keep America Beautiful introduced its “Clean Community System,” which encouraged local communities to prevent litter through education efforts, advertising, local research, mapping of litter “hotspots”, and cleanup activities. By the end of the campaign, locals had succeeded in reducing litter by 88%. Keep America Beautiful was the first organization to bring littering to national attention. It made “litterbug” a household word.

In 1999, Keep America Beautiful introduced an annual “Great American Cleanup” campaign. Like its predecessor, the program focuses on local efforts at beautification. Volunteers organize to clean up litter and illegal dumpsites in their communities, as well as remove graffiti, and plant trees, flowers and community gardens.

In 2010, the Great American Cleanup annual signature event organized 3.9 million volunteers, who donated more than 5.7 million hours to improve more than 33,700 communities in all 50 states. The effort removed 76 million pounds of litter from landscapes and waterways, recycled 15.3 million pounds of metals, 91.5 million pounds of newsprint, 1.1 million tires and 7.2 million pounds of electronics.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and focuses on the environment and our planet. We are now entering the 46th year of a movement that continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action.

Arbor Day is celebrated on April 27 and focuses on planting trees to improve the environment and beautify the world. The first Arbor Day was celebrated 140 years ago in Nebraska. There were many activities and free trees were given to all who attended.

Reducing waste includes buying fewer things and reusing old items for new purposes. You can also recycle paper, plastic, newspapers, cans, and other items. Beautifying your community is the easiest of all. You can keep your yard neat or plant a roadside garden. You can volunteer to plant a tree or a flower bed at your church or your community center. You can also take part in community gardening or help clean up a vacant lot. In some communities, vacant lots have been turned into community gardens with the help of volunteers.

Celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Keep America Beautiful Month this month with your family and friends. Help do your part to make your corner of the world a cleaner and more beautiful place for this generation and the next. Source: Wikipedia

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