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Dawson Neighborhood

Neighborhood Documents

We have collected every Neighborhood document we could, going back to 1994! Most are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, but the oldest are web page text. To download files, just right-click and “save as” per your browser. Click HERE to browse the files directly. There are also photos, flyers, blueprints, spreadsheets and other files there.

To contribute files, email them to or post them online somewhere (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and send us the links.

DNA Newsletter:

DNA distributes a newsletter up to 6 times a year, in the days just before a meeting. If you have any of the editions or pages that are missing, please contact us!

The Observer:

This alternative newsletter had a short run. Only one copy is in our possession.

(New) Meeting Summaries:

These are unofficial, detailed meeting summaries made by our neighbors to compensate for lack of access to Minutes in a timely manner following meetings. Also, visit our YouTube channel for audio and video recordings of some meetings.

(Old) Verbose DNA/DNPT Minutes:

Each file contains either the Minutes to DNA, the Minutes to DNPT (now called DNPCT), or both combined. There are many months where only one organization’s Minutes were available. DNA was founded in 1994, and DNPT was founded in 2003. The Newsletters from 2003 through the current date also contain abridged versions of the Agendas and Minutes. At some point, unabridged Minutes were no longer made public. The City may have them their archives.

Nightly Membership Tallies:

These pages are computer-generated, and display the current tally of members listed in each neighborhood forum/listserv. Note that we DO NOT recommend Nextdoor!

Upcoming Agendas:

This is a demo for now, but at the earliest opportunity we will feature a continuously updated copy of the Draft Agendas for upcoming meetings. The aim is to give our neighbors much better lead time to find out what our upcoming discussions, presentations or votes are, to improve our neighborhood’s engagement in issues.

Neighborhood By-Laws:

DNA’s By-Laws are based upon nearby Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association circa 1994. DNPCT’s By-Laws are based upon a template provided by the City of Austin in 2003. The January 2015 edition of this template is available HERE and HERE.

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