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DNA & DNPCT Officers of 2016

This is an informational page about the legacy DNA Association. It may be out of date. Sometimes it is necessary to inquire directly who their current leaders are, but they do not appear to agree that this information is publicly useful, and don’t respond.

On Monday, December 14th, 2015 the Dawson Neighborhood Association (founded in 1994) held the 21st Annual Officer Elections. The Dawson Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (founded in 2003 as DNPT) also held the 12th Annual Board Member Elections. Learn more about them from the candidate bio page.

DNA Executive Committee

(1-year terms, Dec 14, 2015 to Dec 12, 2016)

President W. Elliot Kimber Programmer emailphone
Vice-President Chad S. Cosper Marketing Mgr emailphone
Secretary Julia A. Kimber Teaching Asst. emailphone
Newsletter Editor David M. Haun Jewelry Artist emailphone


Continuing (2-year terms, Dec 8, 2014 through Dec 12, 2016)

  Board Member Marisa Fushille Russian Teacher emailphone
Board Member Chad S. Cosper Marketing Mgr. emailphone
Board Member Sostenes Palomo Flooring Cont. emailphone

Re-Elected (2-year terms, Dec 14, 2015 through Dec 11, 2017)

Board Member Peter A. Davis LEED PM emailphone
2016 Chair Martin J. Harris Photographer? emailphone
Board Member Julia A. Kimber Teaching Asst. emailphone
Board Member Donna M. Knapp Retired? emailphone

New (2-year terms, Dec 14, 2015 through Dec 11, 2017)

2016 Vice-Chair
Greg Anderson  AHFH Ops Dir  emailphone
2016 Secretary
Omar Rivera Rental Mgr emailphone

Per By-Laws

  • (5A) …New board members’ terms shall begin at the end of the December regular meeting at which they are elected.
  • (10A) At the next Regular Meeting on Feb 8, 2016, DNPCT’s Board Members shall hold an election to appoint Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary for the new year.
  • (4H) The DNPCT Secretary and two DNPCT board members selected by the Secretary shall maintain the membership roster and keep a written record of membership decisions.

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