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Dawson Neighborhood Organization is a journalistic venue, so we treat sources and communications sent to us as publishable by default. Especially when the informant is a public figure like a City Employee or NA Officer. If you wish to have a discussion with us off the record, or wish your tips to be anonymous, please request this in your initial contact. See our Policies.

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Please fill out the comment form below to send us an email over the web. Put the word “private” after your name, and the comment will only be visible to you and the Administrator. You may remain anonymous, too – just make up a name and fake email:

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  1. Bob White

    I’ve noticed that there are free ads posted for this page & what are the requirements to have a free ad posted on this site?


  2. James

    I live at 127 Frederick St. My cat went missing Dec 10th. Please contact me if you have seen her. Grey Female Tabby named “Grey Grey” with left clipped ear. I have also posted on Craigslist under lost. Thank you!


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