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DNA & DNPCT Officers of 2016

On Monday, December 14th, 2015 the Dawson Neighborhood Association (founded in 1994) held the 21st Annual Officer Elections. The Dawson Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (founded in 2003 as DNPT) also held the 12th Annual Board Member Elections. Learn more about them from the candidate bio page.

DNA Executive Committee

(1-year terms, Dec 14, 2015 to Dec 12, 2016)

President W. Elliot Kimber Programmer emailphone
Vice-President Chad S. Cosper Marketing Mgr emailphone
Secretary Julia A. Kimber Teaching Asst. emailphone
Newsletter Editor David M. Haun Jewelry Artist emailphone


Continuing (2-year terms, Dec 8, 2014 through Dec 12, 2016)

  Board Member Marisa Fushille Russian Teacher emailphone
Board Member Chad S. Cosper Marketing Mgr. emailphone
Board Member Sostenes Palomo Flooring Cont. emailphone

Re-Elected (2-year terms, Dec 14, 2015 through Dec 11, 2017)

Board Member Peter A. Davis LEED PM emailphone
2016 Chair Martin J. Harris Photographer? emailphone
Board Member Julia A. Kimber Teaching Asst. emailphone
Board Member Donna M. Knapp Retired? emailphone

New (2-year terms, Dec 14, 2015 through Dec 11, 2017)

2016 Vice-Chair
Greg Anderson  AHFH Ops Dir  emailphone
2016 Secretary
Omar Rivera Rental Mgr emailphone

Per By-Laws

  • (5A) …New board members’ terms shall begin at the end of the December regular meeting at which they are elected.
  • (10A) At the next Regular Meeting on Feb 8, 2016, DNPCT’s Board Members shall hold an election to appoint Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary for the new year.
  • (4H) The DNPCT Secretary and two DNPCT board members selected by the Secretary shall maintain the membership roster and keep a written record of membership decisions.

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Feb 2016 Neighborhood Newsletter

Please forward this post to any and all neighbors who might be interested. The printed edition is only delivered to a select few!

Click here to visit the download page for the February 2016 Neighborhood Newsletter and browse our Archives of almost a hundred old Neighborhood Newsletters, Minutes, Meeting Summaries, Agendas, By-Laws and more!

Starting a couple of years ago, we had a secret squirrel smuggle the Draft Newsletter to us before official distribution, so we could provide it to all neighbors and give everyone more time to read it. Since then, the Newsletter Editor has begun to post it online a week in advance of meetings. This month, it came out two weeks in advance. Yay! We think this is an improvement, though we won’t place bets on it being a permanent change. (more…)

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Dec 2015 Neighborhood Newsletter

Please forward this post to any and all neighbors who might be interested. Only a fraction of our neighbors get the printed edition!

Click here to download the December 2015 Neighborhood Newsletter

Visit our Archives of 94 past Neighborhood Newsletters, Minutes, Meeting Summaries, Agendas, By-Laws and more!

December Agenda

Here is DNA and DNPCT’s Draft Agenda for December, 2015. Notice anything missing? Detail! We hold that this sort of impractically abridged Agenda, released just on the cusp of the meeting itself, is too little, too late. We’re working to change that, and both our survey and DNA’s survey show that our neighbors support that. HERE is an example of what we propose. We have the Internet, folks. We have mailing lists. We have websites and other social media. There is no shortage of resources to publicize what is planned for each upcoming meeting, and this information can even be kept on a daily-updated list available to the public. The sooner folks can learn about additions or cancellations to the Draft Agenda, the sooner they can best prepare to attend a meeting and make their voice heard!

The same goes for the Draft Minutes, which are also only made available to the public via the newsletter, 2 months after the meeting itself, and abridged beyond use. Until 2010, it was routine for the DNA and DNPCT Officers to provide a detailed edition of the Minutes shortly after the meetings themselves. We have been trying to bridge this gap by attending meetings to take notes and publishing Meeting Summaries. Incidentally, we are pleased to see that August’s Draft Minutes are much better than any others in recent years. To see what our concern has been about, please inspect previous newsletters.

Errors Spotted in the Draft Minutes

  1. (DNA, line 3-5) Chad Cosper was elected Chair pro tem, not President pro tem.
  2. (DNA 14-16) Motion that the Newsletter Editor (Sandy McMillan-Davis) “Accepts statements from each of the candidates prior to the election, with length of statement being up to the discretion of the newsletter editor.” Click HERE to hear the meeting recording of that motion. We note that Sandy never solicited these statements, and apparently found no room for those which we know were submitted, choosing instead to print her husband’s 5,768-word essay – more than a full side! Titled “Gains and Losses”, the only things Peter forgot to mention were his seizure of both the Dawson Yahoo listserv and the alternate, uncensored, Dawson Neighborhood forum on Nextdoor.
  3. (DNA 35-36) Chad V. did not present information about the upcoming Grand Opening of AHFH. Actually, Chad gave his account of an exclusive tour which AHFH provided to him on September .
  4. (DNPCT) There are not just 7 seats open for election. In fact, there are an unlimited number of seats open on the DNPCT Board. The By-Laws only specify a minimum number of members to make it an active organization.
  5. Additionally, the box on Page 1 titled “Officer & Board Member Elections” misstates that Jovita Pardo is not eligible to run this year. In fact, she was subject to a consciously misleading email conversation by the current Secretary of DNPCT, Julia Woods-Kimber. Jovita certainly does not need to wait a year to become a Board Member. She will simply be re-nominated at the Dec 14 meeting before the election commences.

About the Neighborhood Newsletter

The Dawson Neighborhood Association (DNA) issues this newsletter 6 times a year, typically on the day just before public meetings. It is distributed door-to-door, mainly to our 630 single-family homes, by 10-12 volunteers. We provide the Newsletter online here to benefit our apartment and condo dwellers, who now make up over 1000 of the more than 1550 households (circa 2010, US Census) in the neighborhood. Sometimes we are fortunate to be able to provide it a few extra days in advance of the meeting. We think you’ll agree that it’s vital to have more than 24 hours to consider the contents, so you can attend the meeting to make your voice heard!

Sponsorship Pays for the Newsletter

Generous businesses are encouraged to contact DNA about funding an issue of the newsletter. This runs about $90 for 875 double-sided legal sheets, and includes a prominent front-page advertisement for the sponsor. Please contact them if you can help deliver, particularly to apartments and condos which are difficult to get into.

Send DNA Your Editorial

If you would like to submit an article to be printed in the paper-copy newsletter, please contact the 2015 DNA Newsletter Editor (and Secretary), at The deadline to submit articles is generally 2 weeks before meetings.

Be aware that DNA has informed me it is now their policy to not print local event announcements if they are not officially sponsored by DNA! (Both surveys supported changing that, too). You will therefore need to acquire sponsorship in advance of the newsletter it will be announced in. This process involves getting started at least 2 months before your event. To get sponsorship, submit a request no later than 2 weeks in advance of that month’s Ass’n meeting, in order to be placed on the Agenda. At that meeting, if they have been kind enough to place you on the Agenda, you can then make a motion to vote on sponsoring your event. Then, the event may be printed 6-7 weeks later when the next Newsletter comes out. If your item has not been placed on the Agenda, you can attempt to announce it during New Business, but the Officers may table it for lack of time. This unacceptable newsletter policy is addressed by one of our Motions which they are trying to keep off the Agenda.

Send Us Your Editorial

We wouldn’t dream of restricting our neighbors. Send your events, editorials and other news items at any time to us for instant publication to the entire world!

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Neighborhood Meeting Oct 12 Summary

PREFACE: Like this website, this Meeting Summary is a group effort! Let’s put our heads together to recall any details missing from the account below. Contribute additions or clarifications by adding a comment underneath, or reach out to us by email. We will keep your tips confidential if you request.

UPDATE: There is a rumor circulating around the neighborhood… [see comments]

So don’t wait til the December newsletter, it’s…

Unofficial Meeting Summaries
October 12, 2015, 2508 Durwood Street.

Dawson Neighborhood Association (DNA)

Called to order at 6:33 PM by Chad Cosper. Around 30 neighbors in attendance. As previously announced and expected, no elected Officers of DNA were present.

Chad Cosper elected as “Chair pro tem” for the Session, Julia A. Kimber (AKA Julie Woods) appointed as Secretary

1. August 10 Minutes Adopted as they appear in October 2015 Neighborhood Newsletter

3.a Nominations for DNA Offices:
President: Omar Rivera, Elliot Kimber
Vice Pres: Omar Rivera, Chad Vanderlinden, Chad Cosper
Secretary: Chad Vanderlinden, Julia A. Kimber
Newsletter: Chad Vanderlinden, David Haun

[APOLOGIES FOR THE QUALITY OF PHOTOS, we’re eager to update them when possible!]

Images: Rivera Kimber Vanderlinden
Cosper Kimber Haun

Motion carried to direct the sitting DNA Newsletter Editor (Sandy McMillan-Davis) to solicit and print a personal statement from each candidate in the Neighborhood Newsletter about their qualifications.

3.b James Rutledge led discussion of Restricted Parking Permits along Frederick St: Parked cars of employees of a nearby auto sales business is crowding the neighbors out. Neighbors have collected signatures from 68% of residents. 60% are required to pass. No-one is reported as objecting to RPP. Permits held by neighbors in one part of neighborhood are good throughout the neighborhood. We have the option of requesting parking meters like one downtown region. 51% of monies collected at these meters would be held by CoA in an account for benefit of neighborhood [examples needed]. Matching funds may also be contributed by another agency [name needed].

Membership voted to endorse the expedited application to require Residential Parking Permits along Fredrick St. No votes against, one abstention. Chair pro tem Chad Cosper is empowered to sign the CoA’s documents in this matter.

Michael Danburg of Brinwood Ave is concerned about a protected live oak, growing from his neighbor’s property. It is in danger of falling over onto his own property and children. He paid for an arborist to confirm that this is due to damage caused by CoA erosion improvements made in East Bouldin Creek. His concern was raised with Michelle Adlong, Graduate Engineer – Watershed Protection Department, City of Austin. Michelle dismissed the possibility of corrective action by the City. Neighbors recommended that Michael contact the Office of our District 3 Council Member, Sabino Renteria.

Linzy Brakefield Foster, Treasurer of the Dawson PTA, brought handouts about “Keep Dawson Beautiful”, Oct 24, and announced the Oct 30 Dawson Elementary Carnival, 4-7 PM. KDB features a dog parade, arts, crafts and food. DEC is seeking donated food for the fest from area restaurants.

Brad Urrutia introduced himself as Democratic Candidate for 450th District Judge. See for more information about his campaign.

Chad Vanderlinden presented followup to the unofficial National Night Out Picnic in Gillis Park Oct 6th. Fellow organizer was lifelong Dawson resident Jovita Pardo. Sign-up sheet passed around to be on Dawson 2016 NNO mailing list.

Chad Vanderlinden presented followup to his tour of Austin Habitat For Humanity HQ and ReStore at 500 Ben White Blvd. AHFH Director of Operations Greg Anderson was at the meeting and provided additional comments about the “soft opening” on Oct 23 and the Grand Opening on Nov 21 which will be a major block party.

Chad Cosper announced that the December 14 Meeting will be at 500 Ben White Blvd in AHFH’s new board room. This is at the SW corner of the building with entrance straight from the parking lot.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:20 PM

Dawson Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (DNPCT)

Called to order at 7:21 PM by Vice-Chair Martin Harris, Julia A. Kimber as Secretary. Chair Peter Davis was absent.

1. August 10 Minutes Adopted as they appear in October 2015 Neighborhood Newsletter

3. Martin Harris informed us that around the 2nd week of November, the Austin City Council will have it’s next meeting about changes to the structure of Plan Contact Teams throughout Austin. The effort is to make PCT structure and procedures more uniform, and possibly to introduce penalties when they fail to function according to new standards.

[EDITOR: The City has set up an online survey for those who cannot attend:]

Martin Harris discussed the issue of Short Term Rentals, which was a feature of the previous meeting. This was an informative presentation for our neighbors who missed the previous meeting.

4.a Nominations for DNPCT Board Members:
Chad Vanderlinden, Jovita Pardo, Omar Rivera, Peter Davis, Martin Harris, Julia A. Kimber, Greg Anderson, Donna Knapp.

Images: Vanderlinden Pardo Rivera Davis
Harris Kimber Anderson Knapp

Post-nomination discussion with Martin Harris: Since DNPCT was restructured 4 years ago, in order to consist of more than just 3 Primary Officers, the goal has been to have a population of 10 Board Members. “Up to 7 seats” being publicized as open prior to this meeting, but the DNPCT By-Laws do not explicitly place an upper limit on the size of the Board. There are actually 8 Nominees now, and Martin conceded the probability that they will all be accepted, and granted 2-year terms. This will mean a Board of 11 Members, and that only 3 seats will be up for election next year instead of the usual 5.

Chad Vanderlinden pointed out that two of the seats are potentially only 1-year terms, considering that one is a replacement for Steve Gee, who resigned mid-term, and the other would be to fill a seat that has been vacant for one year so far. Martin’s opinion was that we would simply have 8 Board Members start 2-year terms, and accept that 3 other Board Members will be ending their terms next year. If we take this course, there would be no need to choose 2-3 Board Members to serve 1-year terms, but there would be a loss of balance.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Chad Vanderlinden

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