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DNA to vote on Ban Against Parking On Grass

For the folks who are not members of the DNA Yahoo Group, this issue is being discussed in the Yahoo group today, and is one which the City asks DNA to vote on every year. It’s always been voted down, but It keeps coming back. I suspect the City would like it banned, but we’ve been too laid-back about it to agree. It will be voted upon this Monday, 10th. Please attend to vote on it! Anyone who operates a business, lives within, or owns property within Dawson Neighborhood can vote on whatever comes up at any DNA meeting they attend (but someone tell me if this is a DNPCT issue; voting eligibility is different; but I think they just do land use/construction matters).

Some of the pro-ban examples have run along the extremes of things; lawns full of junk cars, loud automotive work going on early in the morning right on property lines, visual appeal of cars not parked neatly upon paved driveways. I’ll let the ban supporters elaborate, since i’m on the other side. Also, I wonder if some of these examples stem from some neighborly feuds…

Here on my block, I think *everyone* has cars parked side-by-side, over the edge of their driveways and upon the grass. I can think of a number of folks nearby who have RVs parked alongside their houses. Yes, close to the property line, but who is it hurting? I’ve no problem with neighbors who have some bare patches on their lawn. None of my business. The drought did far worse to the grass. I’d consider an RV parked between houses to be a good thing; it provides more privacy by blocking the view, right? We’re tolerant of the noise caused in the mornings by the welding and auto shops surrounding us (but not of the power surges that lock my computer up… grrrr).

So my contribution to the Yahoo discussion, before my posts stopped showing up, was that banning yard parking is the wrong approach to what really sounds like a noise issue (in that particular example). It’s a “nuclear option” that will hurt more people than would benefit.

My second example, which was censored, was that we’d rather park both of our vehicles side-by-side, closer to the house and motion-sensitive flood lights. One of our cars has been broken into twice in the last 3 years. They were going to steal it; they’d moved our trash cans aside in order to quietly coast the car down the hill. The thieves abandoned the car when the steering column locked. If we had to park our cars one behind another, that would leave one of them “parked-in”, too. Lots of people would likewise be inconvenienced by being parked in and hunting for keys and family members to move their cars around. Also, Sonja, who is my landlady, walks with assistance. It would mean a much longer walk for her to carry groceries. Lastly, it would block a wide swath of the view our security camera has. I feel confident that there’s no reason my post should have been censored. I’m thankful there’s more than one tightly controlled venue for the neighborhood to discuss things in.

So I’m bringing this topic up for the benefit of our neighbors not in the loop with Yahoo, and so the discussion can include perfectly decent points which are being edited for content in the other discussion group. What are the feelings of the rest of us, on both sides of this issue of yard parking?

I encourage anyone aware of other issues being discussed or voted on at the DNA meeting to bring those up too; please start a separate topic for it.

(I ask that we not digress into our grievances with individuals, the Yahoo Group or DNA, those are other issues entirely, and need to be conducted without making personal attacks.)

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