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Dawson Neighborhood

Austin Marathon 2016


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Race Weekend is here! Residents in Dawson Neighborhood prepare to be cut off from the rest of the world for several hours. Follow these tips (.pdf link) from Austin Marathon for getting around town while the Marathon is still going on.

There are 3 overlapping courses to follow; The Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, and Paramount Break-A-Leg 5K. All races start at 7 AM. The Austin Marathon and Half Marathon Start Line is now at 2nd and Congress. The Paramount Break-A-Leg 5K Start Line is now at 11th and Congress. The finish line is on Congress near 10th St.

This race wraps right around 3 of Dawson Neighborhood’s 4 borders, and all thru traffic will be closed while the race is underway. While you’re stuck in the ‘hood, come out and watch the runners go by! Fortunately, we are along the first 3 miles from the starting line downtown, so the streets will probably be re-opened before lunchtime.

Race Day Schedule

  • 5:30AM – Gear Check Opens at 6th and Congress Avenue
  • 7:00AM – Austin Marathon and Half Marathon Start at 2nd and Congress
  • 7:30AM – Paramount Break-A-Leg 5K Start at 11th and Congress
  • 11:00AM – Austin Half Marathon course closes
  • 2:00PM – Austin Marathon course closes

Full details on the official website.

Photos From The Race

Compliments of Julie and Cole Alexander on Dunlap St. Click the picture for full size gallery.

1: Looking NE up Congress, 2: NW on Ben White, 3/4: Austin Taiko @ Congress & Ben White

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  1. chadmin

    Thanks Gordon! I added that to the article and shot it out to the social networks!

  2. Gordon Davis

    However, for those of us who would like to go to church (and don’t belong to a church in the neighborhood), this link may help: (.pdf)

    See the first and third pages.


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