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Dawson Neighborhood

Sponsorship is not a commercial venture, and we have no fees or budget. If your home-business or storefront, or organization, is located in Dawson Neighborhood (or faces it), we invite you to join our list of Sponsors, in return for some pretty sweet free benefits:

  • Listing in our Directory, with detailed description and contact information.
  • Email address with webmail access.
  • Web address at
  • We can also do things like  🙂
  • 220 x 250 banner ad in rotation with other ads. Other sizes may be available.
  • Phone extension number in our free neighborhood-wide PBX. (coming soon!)

Apply by filling out the form on this page.

We have partners for hire who can set-up web hosting if you desire it, and make banner ads to your specifications. If you already have email and web hosting, an email and web address from us works like a free forwarding service. Our partners can also set up and maintain neighborhood organizations like ours for your own neighborhood.

These services are all designed with neighborhood movements in mind. A group of folks with a public project or benefit can set up groups and public contact mechanisms through us, which keep their personal email and phone numbers private. Local entrepreneurs can demonstrate to their customers that they are known and established, by using email and web addresses attached to

All free benefits and services are offered with no contracts or guarantees. All periodic hosting, operating and maintenance fees are currently covered by the Administrator, who retains the right of refusal. Donations are always welcome. See the PayPal button on the right column. With that out of the way, no fees or refusals are anticipated. However, there are two events that might force us to request donations or convert to an ad-supported service.

Once we have launched our new neighborhood discussion forum, email list, and event calendar, this could place the burden of thousands of emails each day on our servers. Currently, we can send a modest amount of mail for free, but we would need to purchase delivery plans for bulk email if our traffic was too high. Fortunately, there are some very reasonable plans available.

Likewise, if our success causes the amount of web traffic our community generates, to impact our performance, or our Internet Provider is no longer suitable to carry our traffic, we would be forced to upgrade our service plan or change hosting arrangements. Fortunately, there are also some very reasonable options for this, too.

We will turn to our business sponsors first, for operating donations. If we don’t get enough donations, we will suspend our free services to businesses, and post a list of fees. The fees will be promptly adjusted so that our revenues cover our cost of operation. Extra revenues will go to a fund for local civic donations or be spent on snacks at public meetings.

Add your ideas or needs to the comments below!

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