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Signs for DNA Meetings

Original Text of Fundraiser:

Jan 28: DNA hasn’t posted signs to announce upcoming meetings for many years now. They don’t have a treasury or budget, and rely on local merchants (Crow Bar, Summermoon, Sage Coffee) to pay the printing bill for the newsletter on their behalf.

At the time that NextDoor came to our attention, Dawson Neighborhood was not represented there. There were three new neighborhoods mapped out over the area which Dawson exists in. The three group Founders who wanted to bring their neighbors together, and folks who had joined over the previous year, simply didn’t know Dawson Neighborhood already existed! In other words, the established representative body, called the DNA, were so low on everyone’s radar, that some folks were literally thinking “hey, let’s get a neighborhood association going!”. This, despite the bi-monthly newsletters, though these don’t reach many apartment and condo dwellers, who are a rapidly growing majority of Dawson’s population.

We seek to take the first steps to remedy this “invisibility” by providing the DNA with signs for their bi-monthly meetings.

I’ve requested quotes from 19 local sign makers. I would like to raise exactly $200 to purchase 25 single sided 24×18″ corrugated plastic (coroplast) signs from North Loop Signs. This is the minimum order for this price point, and is an awesome deal over all others I’ve found.

I initially started a drive in the DNA Yahoo Group to get signs. Our effort lost cohesion after one individual offered to provide 5 signs. He has since completely withdrawn his offer, and stated that he will not be participating in any other effort to raise money or provide signs. Now that we are on our own, it is all the more important that we come through for the Neighborhood!

Disclosure: Funds collected go to the account of my PC repair business. I’ll open my “books” to anyone who wishes to confirm that I am handling money properly. Upon reaching or exceeding the $200 goal, the button will be removed/deactivated, and any surplus will be refunded to whoever donated earliest, upon their request, through the end of February.

I am also looking for volunteers to help me put up signs, most likely Fri 07 /Sat 08. I’ve got the cedar allergies very bad this year, and I shouldn’t be outside. I’ll do this regardless, and look forward to seeing you at the DNA meeting the second Monday of February!

Here’s what the signs will look like, the space after “This Monday,” is for putting different dates on adhesive sheets:

Jan 29: DNA President Myron Smith asks that I clarify they are not sponsoring any fundraiser for the signs. There is no official association between this fundraiser and the Dawson Neighborhood Association. However, they know we are providing signs. In face-to-face discussion, we agreed to each add a sticker to half of the signs stating “Signs sponsored by…” to make it clear that Nextdoor and are not the sponsors of the meeting itself. Myron texted me the next day, saying she was busy and directed me to do them all myself.

Donations for the Dawson Neighborhood Association Meeting Signs


Feb 3: Thanks to everyone who came together to make this a successful venture! In all, $254.60 was raised (after PayPal fees). The signs were ordered Monday morning, Feb 3, and should be ready to pick up by Thu Feb 6. The order was slightly different from earlier expectations; 25 single-sided, 24″ X 18″ corrugated plastic signs with H-stakes came to a grand total of $257.09 with taxes. The text of the sign will now be adhesive vinyl instead of screen printed. North Loop Sign agreed to provide the more expensive vinyl signs for the price originally quoted for the screen printed ones, and sold us 25 stakes at $1/ea instead of $2.50. They have our sincere appreciation.

Below is the PayPal activity report for all donations received. You may click on it for full-sized view:

Feb 3: I have already paid for the signs. Once I receive the Invoice, I will add it here!

Feb 6: The signs have been picked up, I just need to attach the date and some identification to them, then I’ll be hitting the pavement looking for space!

Here is the invoice:

Feb 8: Here is a BatchGeo Map showing where our signs were placed. You can click the icons to see the name of the business and the name of the authorizing manager there. This could be useful when returning to plant signs each 2 months.

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