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Dawson Neighborhood

Dawson Neighborhood Association


  • DNA represents our neighborhood before the Austin City Council. DNA informs the Neighborhood, establishes the Neighborhood’s official position in environmental, political, and other matters, and makes important decisions affecting the quality of life within the Neighborhood, with the exception of matters DNPCT is responsible for.
  • The DNA was formally founded in 1994 with the adoption of Bylaws based on those used by the nearby Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association.


    Bouldin Creek Headwaters Today

  • DNA’s Founding Presidents Cynthia Medlin and Donald Dodson led the neighborhood’s negotiation of the City’s plans to construct drainage tunnels exiting in the Neighborhood’s Williamson Creek Watershed.
  • In 1997, DNA submitted a formal Neighborhood Plan to the City of Austin Planning Commission, setting enforceable standards for development within it’s borders. HERE is the current version dated August 27, 1998.
  • Visit the Austin History Center website for more about DNA’s history and an index of documents DNA has submitted to the City over the course of it’s activity HERE.
  • HERE is DNA’s current By-Laws, dated Aug 13 2002.

When and Where:

  • DNA, and it’s sister organization Dawson Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (DNPCT), meet 6 times each year, on the second Monday of each even-numbered month. The November meeting is for Officer Nominations and the December meeting is a neighborhood potluck and election of DNA and DNPCT leaders.
  • DNA meets first, followed by DNPCT (see below). Each meeting typically lasts an hour.
  • Meetings take place either at the Austin Multipurpose Center in Gillis Park, 2508 Durwood, or at Austin Habitat For Humanity, 500 Ben White Blvd.


  • Membership is open to anyone living in, owning property in, or operating a business within Dawson Neighborhood.
  • Any eligible Neighbor may become a Member and vote at any DNA meeting they attend.
  • DNA is comprised of 4 Elected Officers who are elected from the general Membership and who serve 1-year terms.

Contacts and Publicity:

  • The 2015 DNA Officers and their contact information are here.
  • DNA distributes a newsletter door-to-door, 6 times a year, a day or two before each Neighborhood Meeting. DNA has no treasury, so the newsletter is paid for by a local business in exchange for a featured ad.
  • Sandy McMillan, Myron Smith and Cynthia Riley officially moderate the DNA Yahoo! Group. Sandy’s husband, Pete Davis has assumed Sandy’s duties and masquerades as her, using her account. The Group serves as DNA’s official mailing list, and is technically open to anyone who provides their real name, address, and email address, but information is said to not be verified. Minority opinions are censored there at the pleasure of the moderators. Since seizing control of our alternative online forum in March of 2015, most DNA members have also joined Nextdoor, which is now heavily censored too.

Dawson Neighborhood Plan Contact Team


  • DNPCT was founded in 2003 to conform to a contact structure recommended by the City of Austin. At that time, it adopted duties which a DNA committee had performed.
  • DNPCT is responsible for negotiating zoning changes and major land use issues within the Neighborhood.
  • HERE is DNPCT’s current By-Laws, dated April 11, 2011.


  • Membership is open to anyone living in, owning property in, or operating a business within Dawson Neighborhood. In addition, a Neighbor must sign in at two DNPCT Meetings within 12 months of each other. Technically, you must prove your residence by applying for membership. This application is currently satisfied by merely having signed-in at each meeting.
  • You may begin voting at the second meeting you attend. After that, you need only attend one Meeting every 3 years. Your Membership will become Suspended after 12 months, but you are automatically reactivated just by attending again.
  • If you have not attended a meeting in 3 years, you are permanently stricken from the rolls, per By-Laws.
  • DNPCT is steered by up to 9 representatives.
  • Board Members are elected in December from the general Membership, and will serve 2-year terms. Around 3 are elected each year, so there are two groups whose terms overlap, totaling up to 6.
  • Three of the Board Members are further elected to be Officers in February.


  • The 2015 DNPCT Officers and their contact information are here.
  • DNPCT has an identical Yahoo! Group (using the group’s earlier name), restricted to DNPCT members.

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